The Silent Lake

Ripples died, stunned silence waited Vision blurred by droplets of late rain, breath abated, I stood by the silent lake. Lantern far away, light flickering Tiny cocoon of hope whispering, “Sh…

Source: Silent Lake



At midnight, a kiss was planted on teary eyes,

whispering to her of his love for them.

Years were no witness to their story,

time had a way of deceiving her once in a while.

Laughter echoed through the hollow room,

Bearing semblance to their life.

Reached the crooked corners of her eyes nonetheless,

bringing to his an evanescent gloom.

Sunlight crept in through the broken window sill,

illuminating the lids long confined.

He stared at them resolute, sinking in those salt-rimmed lashes defined.

She believed in eternity, love was their child.

Sworn to secrecy, she closed them forever,

darkness swept as he deserted the light.